Leung ho chuen
Andrew Au
Steven Yim
Alors Chan
Sam Tong
Sensei NGAI
Over 35 years experience in the Karatedo
TAM Tak Ming
TAM Tak Ming
Chief coach of CU Hongkong
CHOW Shing wah
Started to 'Karate' since 1978 , and got the qualification of GojuRyu Ryushinkan 2 Dan
Victor Ting
Started learning Gojuryu Karate in USA in the 1980's
Eric Wong
Eric has been studying Gojuryu Karate under Andrew Au Sensei since 2003 and he was been teaching Gojuryu Karate to children for more than 8 years.
盧耀芳 Janet
Personal History: Janet began her material arts in HK from taewondo when she was small on 1988, after achieving black belt 2 Dan in taewondo, she started her gojuryu karate on 1997 and found it very attractive that she decided to continue to be karateka in her life. On 2001 she setup the karate club in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is currently living in Shanghai and has a dojo there
participated in numerous competitions both locally and overseas with excellent results, notably becoming the World Kata Champion in 2009 and becoming the 6th time Hong Kong Junior Kata Champion in the 8 years he participated in the competition

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