Adult program

柳心会成人班   柳心会成人班

Although it has long been said that Karate is a "life-time" sports, it takes some courage for a first-timer to step inside the door of a Karate dojo.

Currently, Ryushinkai is offering a one-month free trial for people who want to try Karate and see if it is something suitable for himself/herself.

In Ryushinkai's Adult Class, one will find members in their teens to more mature individuals in their 60's so there is an "at-home" atmosphere.  For those people who have an impression that the Karate world is something very different from their everyday life, they will be pleasantly surprised.

Kids/Youth program

柳心会兒童/青少年班   柳心会兒童/青少年班

Karate-do Ryushinkai (Hong Kong branch) has been established for more than 18 years and it is an officially recognized branch under the Japan Karate-do Federation Ryushin-kan (4-30-3 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo).

In order to maintain a high standard in the teaching of Gojuryu Karate-do in Hong Kong, we follow the same training syllabus and teaching methodology set by Japan headquarters. If you wish to experience a traditional Japanese karate in Hong Kong, Ryushinkai will definitely be the best choice!

Ryushinkai is conducive to building a happy and vibrant community in all dojos.  No matter you are practicing karate on the mats or sitting in the observation area, the intention is for everyone to enjoy every moment in the dojo.

Toddlers program

class_children_1    class_children_2

Back in 1998 when Ryushinkai (a branch of All Japan Karatedo Federation Ryushinkan) was established in Hong Kong, toddlers class has been set up with the purpose of developing sportsmanship and character of members at a very young age.

The instructors of Ryushinkai have abundant experience teaching toddlers and they are capable of communicating with members in several different languages.  In order to encourage toddlers to start learning Karate early, those who are under 3 years old can join the toddlers class free of charge.
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