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Karate has over 300 years' history. It was said that there are more than one million people practising Karate around the world. Among the many styles of Karate, Gojuryu is the style with the longest history and it is also the most widely practised style worldwide. All Japan Karatedo Federation (AJKF) Ryushinkan Hong Kong Branch Ryushinkai was established in 1998. It is the only Japan-affiliated Karate dojo in Hong Kong recognized by both AJKF and the government of Hong Kong.



Ryushinkai has about 300 members. Our members comprised of Hong Kong people (50%), Japanese (35%) and other countries' nationals such as US/Europeans (15%)


More than 10 instructors with quailifications recognized by JKF and Hong Kong government.

Age Requirement

Boys and girls starting from the age of 3. Karate can be called a "Life" sport as it is not unusual for people to start learning in their 60s and 70s. Sometimes there are parents who would like their children to start learning Karate before the age of 3 and one possibility is parents and kids learning Karate together. Children under 3 years' old can learn Karate for free.



Starting from basic Karate techniques, kata and sparring, one could also learn discipline and self-defense through Karate. Students who are talented or who show excellent performance or great enthusiasm will receive corresponding training.

School Character

Basically, practice sessions are fun and enjoyable. There are occasions when proper manners and etiquette need     to be observed. Through diligent practise, students will get better and better in Karate.


Different people have different reasons to learn Karate: Some wants to be a competitor, some wants to be strong, others want to do something together with friends and still others want to lose weight and so on…No matter what is your reason to learn Karate, Ryushinkai will support you to achieve your dreams through Karate.


Information on Joining Membership

  • Interested parties are welcome to observe our practice by making an appointment first (via e-mail or telephone).
  • When joining membership, an application form will need to be filled out.
  • When joining membership, a monthly fee and an annual membership fee will need to be paid.
  • Karate practice uniform and related accessories can be purchased through the club. Information will be given to new members during membership application process.

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