18 Nov 2017 OUHK karate demonstation
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James and Luke, participated in the Karate public demonstration event that was held at The Open University of HK on November 18.  My sons and the other members performed and introduced the Japanese martial art, Karate, which for the first time will be an Olympic sport at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. All of them gave their best performance under Andrew Sensei’s expert guidance and refereeing! 
After the demonstration, we were delighted to chat with the Consul general of Japan, Mr. Matsuda and the two time gold medallist of Judo world championship, Mr. Yasuyuki Muneta, who had travelled to Hong Kong especially for the event. What an honor and great inspiration for my boys to have such an experience! Also thank you to Andrew Sensei for this wonderful opportunity to show off Karate as part of the run up to the next Olympics!

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