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Mr.Nakajima senpai Hong kong seminar
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It was a great pleasure to have an opportunity to learn the finer points of kata from
Mr.Nakajima senpai recently. He is such a well accomplished karateka in national level 
karate tournaments in Japan. Looking forward to learning more from him next time.

Arigatou gozaimashita

Resume of Yoshio Nakajima

Birth Year: 1955

Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan

1975                 Started learning Karate at Gojuryu Karate-do Yoyogi Ryushinkan under Kancho Seirou Aragaki and Chief Instructor Morio Higaonna

1987                 Taught Beginners Karate Class organized by the Shibuya District Education Committee for 13 years

1988                 Received assignment from Kancho Aragaki to help teach at Yoyogi Ryushinkan

2001                 Promoted to 6th Dan of All-Japan Karate-do Federation Gojukai; Teaching Karate at Ohta District, Tokyo

Tournament Achievements

2017 Masters Class Kata Champion All Japan Industries Karate-do Tournament

2018 Masters Class Kata Champion All Japan Industries Karate-do Tournament

2019 Masters Class Champion All Japan Industries Karate-do Tournament

2013 Masters Class Kata Champion East Japan Industries Karate-do Tournament

2018 Masters Class Kata Champion East Japan Industries Karate-do Tournament

2017 Senior Class Kata Champion Nihon Karate-do Rengokai National Tournament

2015 Senior Class Kata Champion Nihon Karate-do Rengokai East Japan Tournament

2016 Senior Class Kata Champion Nihon Karate-do Rengokai East Japan Tournament

2017 Senior Class Kata Champion Nihon Karate-do Rengokai East Japan Tournament

2018 Kata Champion Sport Masters East Japan Karate-do Tournament

2019 Kata Champion Sport Masters East Japan Karate-do Tournament

Ryueiryu 200 Years mermoiers seminar
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Ryueiryu has strived its way through the history of karate. It has started its journey since 1819, founded by karate master Kenri Nakaima. From a mystic to one of the most popular karate style, mr Sakumoto has devoted himself in promoting Ryueiryu around the world. We were fortunate enough to participate its 200th anniversary seminar with all the karate fellows around the world.

During this 3 day seminar, karate practitioners around the world gathered in Okinawa and spent our days practicing basics and katas such as Heiku, Paiku, Anan, Anan Dai, Ohan, Ohan Dai and Pachu. We were trained by the Japan national team. Sweat, command and laughter were echoing the seminar stadium. We have also met various famous karate master such as world champion Ms Sandra Sancez and Mr. Damian Hugo.

Apart from our hard work, we have also spent a bit of our time enjoying Okinawa. Our activities included: the diving section in the famous Okinawa Blue Cave, dining with famous Okinawa dishes (especially Ishigaki beef), visiting magnificent beaches in Kouri Island, and last but not least, shopping and fireworks. We have enjoyed our time with friends and family. It was truly an amazing summer.

We would like to give our greatest gratitude to Ryueiryu Ryuhukai, which organized this brilliant seminar. We have learned so much from it. For sure, we will work hard and help to spread the spirit of Ryueiryu to our younger generation. As Mr Sakumoto has taught us: Never give up!
sing to News inteview (Chinese)
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8-Aug 2019
空手帝王 元チャンピオン松久功コーチ
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HK01 Martial expo 2019
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HK01 held an Martial Art Expo on 04 May 2019. We were invited for a primary school Karate demonstration.

Having practiced hard for over a month, 12 Kids, from 5 to 10 years old, skillfully demonstrated several basic moves, kata, as well as board breaking with different strike technique, audiences were excited and impressed.

All students were satisfied with there hard work and performance, we hope this precious experience will inspire our students to strive further for excellence and do just better and better in future.

Finally, thanks a lot for this opportunity and kind support from HK01

2019Police karatedo championship
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Ryushinkai memebers result

Chan kwong lung 2 runner up Male 30-39 High level
Chan ka lok 1 runner up Male 30-39 High level
Gholon Chi ho Jigten 1 runner up Boy 6 junior
Wong chi yeung Champion Male17-20 Hagh level
Sandaya eisuke 1 runner up Boy 10 High level
Lau tsz ching 1 runner up Girl 8 junior
Sonobe haruma 2 runner up Boy 5 junior
Tsang tsz yau 1 runner up Girl 13 hig level
Luke yamato hoshi 2 runner up Boy 8 junior
Leo Marland 2 runner up boy 5 junior
Suzuki rin 2 runner up boy 10 high level
Kobayashi momoka 2 runner up girl 9 high level
Kobayashi chinatu 1 runner up Female high lavel
Hans Shih 2 runner up Boy13-14 high level
Chang Tsz Hang 2 runner up Boy 6 junior
Chang Tsun Yat 2 runner up boy 5 junior
Chan sakurako Champion girl 14 hig level
Lui yui chit Samuel 2 runner up boy 6 junior
wong man 2 runner up Male  High level
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St. Joseph primary school karate demonstration
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St. Joseph's Anglo-Chinese Primary School held an extracurricular performance on 19 March 2019. The newly established Karate Club also took part in it.

Having practiced for only 12 lessons in the past school term, 32 P2 students were already able to demonstrate skillful techniques in synchronization during the basic technique and Kata performance.

The highlight was of course the finale performance of board breaking. Due to their young age and lack of experience, the first 4 students could only break the wooden board with the help of their sensei or with a second attempt. When it came to the last student, the hall fell into absolute silence. [name], the little boy wearing black rim glasses, gave one hard hit with full concentration and broke the board into two good pieces! The crowd burst into thunderous cheers and  the boy just stared at his own fist in disbelief.

We hope this precious experience will inspire our students to strive further for excellence and do just better and better in future.
Japanese magazine HONGKONG LEI Seminar interview
2019 Takekawa sensei Hongkong Seminar
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23rd February to 24th February 2019
Takegawa Tatsuo Sensei Karate Seminar in Hong Kong
Organized by Hong Kong Open University Karate Club, co-organized by Hong Kong Open University

Although two days seminar practice time was not enough, Takegawa Sensei shared valuable technique and spirit of Karate which benefited us a lot.

Special Thanks:
Takegawa Tatsuo Sensei
Nakao Mieko Sensei
Nakao Souichiro Sensei

Thank You for participation:
Hong Kong Sudokan, Kowloon Karate-do Goju-Kai, Hayashi-ha Shitoryu, Hong Kong Seigokan, Hong Kong Shitoryu Ken Kai

Last but not least, many thanks to Hong Kong Open University, Dr. Carol and Dr. Wong.B.L
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Karate demonstration at Japanese school 
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雑誌 Rei 訪問
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2018 shibuya karate tournament
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29 Apr 2018
venue Shibuya sport centre

Player result

Leng ka on men 's kata second runner up
Yim chun kei men's kata champion 
Shoma  lady's kata champion
Yeung man mo men's kumite secound runner up
Hazel Tsang Girls primandy school year 5  kata,kumite second runner up
Sandaya eisuke  kata kumite 2 round
Sandaya miko  kata sprit awards
Suzuki rin kata kumite 2 round
Ishikuro isin kata kumite 1 round
Hoshi luke kata kumite 2 round
Hoshi james kata 1 round
Suzuki hiroya 1 round
Hannah cox sprit awards
Fung hei yau Sprit awards
Iwasaki leo Sprit awaards
Karina Tang 2round
Kasupa Tang 2round
Lilia First round

photo here

My sons, James and Luke, have participated in the Shibuya Springtime Karate Tournament, which was held in Japan on April 29th.

We have been told that the level of Karate in Japan is way higher than Hong Kong. Therefore my sons started intensive training with other participants a few months before the tournament and endure it as often as possible. We did everything we can do for the tournament but we were not sure if we are ready for it or not.

Once we arrived in Japan, we were very fortunate that Takekawa-Sensei from Seishinkan Tokyo HQ and Nakao-Sensei from Seishinkan Seishincho Branch gave us last minute intensive training for 2 days. The 1st day training was done by Nakao-Sensei. This training was done with Nakao-Sensei's apprentices (children). My sons were overwhelmed by their spirit and fights at the beginning of training. However, as Nakao-Sensei identify my sons' weaknesses unerringly and made correction, their Kata became sharper and Kumite became more technical straight away. The 2nd day training was done by Takekawa-Sensei in a tense atmosphere. After the training, my sons seemed to be very motivated and psyched up for the next day.

The day of tournament, we were surprised to see a large number of participants at the venue. I believe there were around 1,000 participants. My younger son, Luke's age group itself had 70 players to fight with. It was definitely the biggest ever tournament we have participated in. We could feel and see the seriousness and tension in each Japanese player’s face and every move they make. It was absolutely amazing to see how powerful and precisely they move. Honestly speaking, I thought the chance of my sons to win even at the 1st round was very slim. However, James has made it to 2nd round = best 26 for his Kata (P5 boys category), Luke made it to 2nd round = best 35 for his Kata (P2 category) and 3rd round = best 11 for his Kumite (P2 category). I was very proud of them that they fought very well against such high level strong opponents.

My sons also participated in another Karate tournament in Hong Kong, which was held just 2 days after the Japan tournament. My boys used all the experience they have gained from Japan in this tournament.  As a result, James won 2nd place for his Kata (10yrs old boys category) and Luke won 1st place for his Kumite (7yrs old boys category).

Participating in the tournament and intense training in Japan was very meaningful and profitable to my boys. Their awareness and motivation for Karate have changed and their techniques have improved. I hope they focus and pursue Karate in the years to come. We sincerely appreciate this opportunity and experience. Thank you very much for Takekawa-Sensei, Nakao-Sensei and Andrew-Sensei.


Tournament result at Japanese newspaper
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photo click here

018年3月4日 西湾河協青社挙行了

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大埔校ランタナ祭 大埔名人会 にて空手を披露しました。



参加者: 6年 三谷佳太

    4年 星ジェームス和翔

     3年 石井碧羽、 三谷理紗、 

    2年 藤本留維、 南佑樹、 

1年 伊藤一真

内容:基本(中段突き・ワンツー・ワンツー回し蹴り)、 撃砕第一、 砕破or撃砕第二、

2017年11月18日 香港公開大学演武会
2017 shito kenkai karate tournament
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2017 shito kenaki karate tournamnet
date  30-May
Venue  Mei lam sport centre
Ryushinkai Player results

Kata   champion 2nd place 3rd palce 3rd place
Boys 5years old Hashimoto shoma Nakao shota komiyama kouichiro Theo Chan
Boys 5 years old (senior)     Ng ysz him  
Boys 6 years old Hoshi luke Davis harvey takeru miles kira yuto Wan ka shun
Boys 7 years old Markus Chu iwamoto ryusei harada yuki Issey yiu
Boys 8 years old Sandaya eisuke      
Boys 9 years old     Mathew Laberge  
Boys 10 years old   Lai kai chung    
Boys 11 years old Han jack shih      
Male yukyu     Wong man  
Male 30-40 years old   Shiu keen pong Yim chun kei  
Male senior     Tam yuk hon  
Male under 67Kg     Sin pok yung  
Male over 67 Kg     Lee chak shing Legrend wong
boys 6 years old tanaka tsuguhito ito kazuma Jurgen chan Hoshi luke
boys 7 years old     suzuki hiroya  
boys 8 years old Sandaya eisuke yoshikawa koshin    
boys 9 years old   Kawata shoga Mathew Laberge Wang akihiro
boys 10 years old nakao sota      
Boys 11 years old Han jack shih      
boys 12 years old     Cheung ho yin  
boys 14-15 years old     Takashima yusei  
male 30-40 years old     chan ka lok  
Girls under 6 years old yoshikawa mikoto Shiu cairine Chan ka ying minami miu
Girls 6 years old   Lau ching tsz    
Girls 8 years old kobayasi momoka      
Giris 9 years old     Fan tsz ching  
Girls 10-11 years old Hazel Tsang      
Girls 12-13 years old     Chan sakurako  
Female Yukyu       Xie tian  
Female senior kobayashi chinatsu      
Girls 6 years old   sakabe hinata Higashio sara  
Girls 7 years old   Tsang sze ching    
Girls 8 years old kobayasi momoka      
Girls 9-10 years old   Fan tsz ching    
Girls 11 years old Hazel Tsang      
Girls 12-13 years old   Chan sakurako    
Femaile yukyu  Lui ka li      
Femail open over 60 kg   Man ka ri Yiu yee tsing Wong yan pui
2017 police club karate tournament
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2017police club karate tournament 's result

Female adult      Lui ka Yan
Girl  10Year old  Hazel Tsang 
Boy 11 year old Hans jack shih

 First runner up

Girl 6 year old Yoshikawa mikoto
Female adult  Shoma
Girl 12 year old  Chan sakurako
Boy 8 year old Santaya eisuke

Good JOB!!!

2017 Ryueiryu Karate Seminar
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Ryueiryu karate  seminar

Date:11,12 Mar. 2017

Venue: Okinawa karate kaikan

Teacher: Master Sakumoto tsuguo , Master Tomishiro azusa ,Master Shimizu yuka 
             Kiyona ryo ,Kinnjo arata, Uemura takuya( WKF team kata champion)

Aim: Ryueiryu kata's special trainning method, How to win at tournament etc.

Member's compoistion.

My name is Joe Shiba and on March 11 - March 12,I gained an extremely valuable experience of attending a Karate seminar and practicing under the Karate World Champions in Okinawa.   On the first day we went to where we would be practicing for the next 2 days and greeted Sakumoto Tsuguo Sensei. After we had greeted Sakumoto Sensei he introduced us to the teachers who we would be training under for the next 2 days. Next we all sat down and listened to Sakumoto Sensei give us a short lesson on the long history of karate and Ryueiryu. Straight after the short lesson all 100 people grouped up and started a warm up. As it was a brand-new dojo the floor was very slippery and there were many people tripping over. Once our bodies were warmed up we all sat on our knees and were taught the correct stance and ready position for Ryueiryu. To put this into practice the world champions gave us a correct demonstration of aaran. Their Kata had incredible force and detail in it and every movement was incredibly refined. This is a sight I will never forget.   After the amazing demonstration from the teachers we split up into groups and we practiced with individual champions and a variety of kata’s. Each champion had given us detailed explanations of how every move had meaning to it and that the key to improving Kata’s is to remove any unnecessary movement. We finished the first day by presenting out improved Katas to Sakumoto sensei to critique.   We started the second day of lesson by greeting Sakumoto sensei and the importance of sideways movement in Ryueiryu. We warmed up the same way as the day before and we were all sweating already. On the second day we focused heavily on every movements meaning and we practiced with those in mind. The champions teaching was very delicate, precise and focused on our problems. From this I learnt what I had to focus on in my future training and I feel from this seminar our skill of karate has improved greatly. Finally we had all grouped up, did our Kata under Sakumoto sensei’s orders and finished an amazing 2 days. I would like to thank Sakumoto sensei and all the teachers for this amazing experience I will never forget.

Dylan Thomas 

From 11th and 12th of March some of my teammates and I were in Okinawa, Japan  for a karate seminar. We had a valuable privilege to meet the world karate champions!  

Sakumoto Tsuguo sensei taught us about the history of rureiryu karate, how they started this form of karate and when they were born. We also had lots of fun doing kata training with the kata champions. The various katas we did were pachu, heiku, paiku, kururunfa, suparinpei, sepai and more.

I was really grateful to get to train in such a massive karate dojo in Okinawa for the these 2 days! We were all set ready for such a big training session for 9 hours. When the champions and the grand master Sakumoto sensei and other champions like Ryo Kiyuna, Arata Kinjo,Takuya Uemura and many more fantastic world karate champions came we introduced ourself and gave our presents to them showing our appreciation. I was very nervous to train with them.

We had to pick one kata to start with, then from there we kept on rotating around until all katas were complete. They showed us the details and every move after mover for each kata which took a long time but in the end I felt like it had helped me a lot. After every kata all groups had to present it in front of Sakumoto sensei which was a bit nerve wracking but I still thought it was a great idea. I would like to go there again if there is another chance. I would like to work on my shiko dachi but other then that I think it was a great opportunity and experience to train with champions and learn about the history of rureiryu

2016 Hong Kong karatedo tournament youth game
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2016 Hong Kong karatedo tournament youth game


Girls 12-13 years old kumite 3rd place Law hoi ching
Girls 10-11 years old kumite 2nd place Tsang sze yau
Boys 10-11 years old kumite 2nd place Haddow yoji

Girls 8-9 years old kata  2nd place Fan tsz ching
Girls 10-11 years old kata 2nd Place Tsang sze yau

Coach Eric Wong,Michael Leung

Tsang"s composition

My name is Hazel. I participated in the 2016 Hong Kong Tournament last Sunday. I won two prizes—1st runner up of both events of Kata and Kumite

In that morning, we started with the kata competition. There are many participants and everyone wanted to compete for the champion. So, I must concentrate and pay full attention to my performance, or else I would be fail in this event. Surprisingly, I did not get nervous at all and got the prize finally.

After the lunch, we had to wait for a long time for my 2nd event---Kumite. I was a bit tired, but I knew I must have enough warm up exercises before that. Later, the game started and I had to fight in response to different players. Unfortunately, I got hurt after few rounds and I was feeling anxious. My mom worried about me too. But, I told myself that I couldn’t give up. At last, I got another prize in this gamel.

I have to thank Andrew sensei and Michael sensei for giving me quality training. I will try my best and well- prepare myself in order to face the up-coming competitions next year. 
Shitoryu Hongkong tournament
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Four of our Ryushinkai students were invited to All Shitoryu Hong Kong Tournament held on 10 October 2016, in which over 300 athletes from all over Hong Kong participated. Our students had to face fierce competitions with strong opponents but battled hard to achieve great results.

Tournament results;

Tsang Tszyau: U10-12 Girls Kumite Champion

Yoji Haddow - U10  Boys Kumite Champion

Dylan Thomas - U10 Boys Kumite Second runner-up
Seishinkan training
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My name is Hazel, Tsang Tsz Yau. In the past summer holiday, I took a karate lesson in Tokyo 聖心館 Dojo on August 30, 2016. My instructor was Nakao Sensei.

Firstly we bowed in at the beginning of the class and I introduced myself to everyone. Then we started with warm-up exercises in which we were required to do the basic techniques repeatedly. In the Kata training, we had to move each step in response to Sensei’s rhythm and everyone there was closely focused on all the instructions.

After that, we put on the full gear for Kumite training. All the kids in this dojo had good techniques with rapid and accurate response. They were all very powerful, so I had to pay full attention for every fight.

Before the class, I was so nervous as I knew that there were many new faces. However, my fright disappeared after the training. I found that they are so welcoming and friendly. At the same time, all students in the dojo were good fighting partners with serious attitudes and focus. I am so thankful to have teachings from Nakao Sensei. She is an awesome teacher who enriches my karate knowledge. I hope I could meet Nakao Sensei and her students in the near future.
First Asia Pacific Gojuryu Karate Tournament took place in Malaysia
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First Asia Pacific Gojuryu Karate Tournament took place in Malaysia on August 13. Mr Tam Tak Ming, head coach of Ryushinkai Karate Club at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, took 1st place in the Over 40 Men's Kumite (sparring) competition.

Congratulations to Mr Tam!
Visit to Hong Kong Ryushinkai by fellow Karate-Ka from Kyoto Sangyo University in August 2016
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On August 10, 2016, Mr Hayate Iijima of Koyto Sangyo University visited the East Kowloon dojo of Hong Kong Ryushinkai for a practice session.

Kyoto Sangyo University is one of the most famous universities in Japan in terms of Karate training. Head coach at Kyoto Sangyo University, Mr Ryutaro Araga, is still an active participant in Karate tournaments. In fact, Mr Araga is often cited as a powerful competitor who has a very good chance to get the gold medal in Karate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Mr Iijima is Mr Araga's first student. Below is a summary of Mr Iijima's accomplishments in Karate:

Name: Hayate Iijima
Birth year: 1996
Age started Karate: 7 years old
Dojo: Gojuryu Daishikan
University: Kyoto Sangyo University

Kyoto prefecture Gojukai Karate Tournament

2013  Champion
2012  2nd place
2011  2nd place
2010  Champion
2009  3rd place
2008  3rd place

All-Kansai Gojukai Karate Tournament

2012  Champion
2009  3rd place
2008  2nd place

All-Japan Karatedo Federation Gojukai National Tournament

2013  Champion
2012   Champion
2011    3rd place
2010   3rd place
2009  3rd place
2008  3rd place

All-Kansai Student Karate Tournament

2015  3rd place

Kyoto prefecture Young Boys & Girls Karate Tournament

2009  2nd place
2008  3rd place

Kyoto prefecture Middle School Student Karate Tournament

2011  2nd place
2010  2nd place

Kyoto prefecture High School Karate Tournament

2014  Champion

2016 Ryushinkai tournament Hong kong post news(10Jun)
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Hongkong post(10Jun)

Ryushinkai tournament

2016年コンシェルジュ 5月号
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2016 Concierge May
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The first event of Ryushinkai is new year party.
Our menbers drink and eat, great fun at this party.

2015 佐久本 形 セミナー 
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佐久本 嗣男

【 戦歴 】












コンシェルジュ ‘2015年5月号 
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2015年5月号 Concierge
Japan Gojuryu Karate-do Shin-bu Kai 4th Tournament
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Date: 2014.4.19

Venue: Shanghai Pudong Jinqiao Megafit

This was a kata only competitor for children and teenagers below 18.  Individual and team kata competition were hold.   7 little athletes from Shanghai Ryushin kan joined the competition with outstanding performance.  They together participant in 7 individual kata categories and 2 team kata categories.  As a result of their daily practices on power and good forms, they won 5 individual gold medal, and one team gold medal;  as well as 2 individaul 2-nd runner up and one team kata runner up.

Individual Medal winners:

Zhou Tong Yan          Black Belt team individual kata                 2nd runner up

Harrison Hirota        Senior grade age 7-9 individual kata        Champion

Declan Hirota           Middle grade age 3-7 individual kata       2nd runner up

Zhu YeXi                      Middle grade age12-15 individual kata   Champion

Filip                              Junior grade age 9-11 individual kata      Champion

Qian Chen                  Middle grade age 9-11 individual kata    Champion

Liang HanZhang       Junior grade age 7-11 individual kata      Champion

Team Medal winners:

Zhou Tong Yan / Harrion Hirota / Declan Hirota               Senior group kata              2nd runner up

Zhu Yexi / Liang Hanzhang / Qian Chen                               Junior group kata              Champion
poster of Discovery bay dojo
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Lady's magazine Rei
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女子 8 - 10歲 形競技
冠軍: Subbarman hanna
亞軍: 陳 櫻子
季軍: kageyama izumi 、 Edwards karin
2012年11月日本週刊Pocket page weekly專訪
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